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Success Stories

Dr. Klemt resolved my Bell's Palsy in just four treatments! After the first treatment I was able to blink my eye, I was able to chew again and there was a dramatic improvement in the muscles in my face. Dr. Klemt was easy to relate to, and VERY clear on how he was going to treat me. He was able to give me back my beautiful smile. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND him and his friendly practice.





Dr. Klemt is amazing. I've been to a few different acupuncture places and he is by far the most knowledgeable in holistic practices as well as modern science. I've been several times now. Recommended my coworker who has been going.



Everything about the visit was amazing. Not only did he help improve my back or addressed the issues I went in for, he was attentive and I feel like I have a brand new body now. Thank you so much. I will recommend him to everyone and go back.




Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture were unfamiliar to me. I had never before experienced this medicine. What I did know was that I had sought out years of different treatments and nothing, yet, had relieved my back pain successfully. I was referred to Dr. Klemt by a friend. Not only was Dr. Klemt knowledgable about the origins of my back pain, but he was clear and thorough about how we would alleviate the pain. Being frightened of needles, Dr. Klemt used gentle and effective needling. After two treatments of acupuncture, I began to feel hopeful that I could return to living a pain-free life. His diagnosis was not like any other explanations I received from other Western MDs. Yes, I had displaced discs and my Arthritis was real but I wasn't aware that I had a displaced shoulder. After three treatments of Acupuncture, I am pain free. The treatments were effective! Eight years of physical therapy, suggestions of getting corrective surgery and shots to numb the pain had not accomplished what Dr. Klemt did for me. I visited Dr. Klemt two years later for digestive issues, and he illuminated various allergies that were causing reactions to my body. Today, I am running, doing yoga, and smiling again. Acupuncture and herbal medicine gave me back the ability to celebrate my life again. I recommend Dr. Klemt because he is incredibly thorough and effective. He has a real passion for this work and it's noticeable.




Dr. Klemt helped me with a long-time shoulder injury that my regular primary care and orthopedic doctor both just wanted to give me pills and shots for.

Within 10 minutes of being evaluated by Dr. Klemt, he immediately noticed it was my clavicle that was out-of-place (which neither of my other doctors told me, even after MRI scans)
Dr. Klemt treated it and I have now had two sessions with him, and am feeling GREAT.

I will add that not only was the treatment INCREDIBLE, but Dr. Klemt's knowledge and his way of explaining, in-detail, what he diagnoses and how it will be corrected is straight-up, matter-of-fact and extremely THOROUGH.

I will continue to see him instead of my orthopedic doctor because the results with him have been phenomenal without a cortisone shot!

Highly recommend

Derrick L.


My left pinky finger was totally stiff and would not bend. One treatment and it is working normally for over two years. Shoulder pain was also relieved with one treatment and mobility has improved over the last three months.



Dr. Klemt has treated me for the last three years for a variety of ailments and has had amazing success. He has helped relieve pain in my back, knee, shoulder, and neck. But most impressive was his treatment last year for my dry, irritated eyes. After suffering for a few weeks, it took only 2 or 3 sessions for my condition to improve. I have had no issues since. Tim is passionate about his work and takes great pride in being able to help his patients return to work or to the activities they love to do. I highly recommend him.

Mike M.


I first went to see Dr. Klemt almost 2 months ago. I've been struggling with an unusual skin condition for about 6 years. I had been to 3 dermatologists and none of them could figure out that the problem was more than superficial. During my first treatment with Dr. Klemt he was very attentive and was able to find the root of the problem. He was thorough in his explanation of my case and informed me of what needed to be done to resolve my condition including acupuncture, an herbal prescription and dietary advice. I currently go to him on a weekly basis because I finally found someone that has made a difference. He is extremely knowledgeable and will definitely find a way to resolve and help you to understand your health concerns.

Courtney V.


I have been treated by Dr. Klemt for a few years. We have successfully worked on several problems & I must say his treatments resolved issues that western medicine was not able to. He uses a variety of techniques & keeps studying & expanding his expertise. Dr. Klemt is very knowledgeable, caring & innovative in his approach. I highly recommend Dr. Klemt.

Margo G.


Tim has so many tricks up his sleeve to find the right solution to just about everything I've thrown at him. Knotty shoulders, joint pain, anxiety, weight control, blotchy skin - the list goes on!

Michelle S.


I was treated by Dr. Klemt and the whole experience was simply perfect. His anamnesis was detailed, specific, with constant care given to the communication with the patient, as well as to the explanation and application of treatment itself, which included both acupuncture and herbal therapy. I strongly recommend him, for both his professionalism and the exquisite attention he gives to his patients.

Sara V.


I have endured two emergency retinal surgeries in the same eye, which later created a need for cataract surgery and a lens replacement.  My vision in the same eye became permanently distorted, though I still had the use of this eye. One acupuncture treatment from Dr. Klemt, centering on sinus and optical focus,  significantly improved my vision after 8 months of the previous “just live with it” / severely compromised sight.


Diagnosis 2003: spermatoceles, which have continued to grow steadily. It has been constant, unnerving and part of the “just live with it until it gets worse” approach of Western medicine. After 3 months of treatments with Dr. Klemt, all growth of the testicular cysts has been halted.






Regarding the current NYC area flu epidemic, I have utilized four different sets of pharmaceuticals via the same amount of visits to my local clinic, and have also had to endure a severe sinus headache and fevers, consistently, for seven weeks. After one treatment with Dr. Klemt, all headaches and fevers were ended and have not returned.


Dr. Klemt provided me with noticeable, physical improvements and accelerated health after one treatment.  I have experienced a total of eight Acupuncturists since 1983 and have observed Dr. Klemt placing needles in more complex, thorough and meticulously researched patterns than any previous. He resolves root causes of recurring illness with brevity of treatments.


Managed Care, the new expression for “just live with it.”


Monthly chiropractic visits have been a part of my wellness regime since 1983. I realized in writing this testimonial, I have not required any chiropractic care in over one year since treatments with Dr. Klemt.


For over one decade, previous acupuncturists and well-intended Western physicians asked me to accept a recurring swollen ankle, calf and varicose veins as part of my aging process. After 3 months of Dr. Klemt's treatments, and a current occupation that requires many hours of standing, my left ankle has not swollen on any occasion.

Mark V.

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