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Allergy Elimination with Applied Resonance Therapy

More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies each year. And while for many people allergies are a major nuisance, for some allergies are deadly. But imagine no longer having to suffer from the sneezing and itchy eyes associated with seasonal allergies or allergies to cats and dogs. And imagine no longer having to worry about going into anaphylactic shock from exposure to a common food like nuts or dairy.


If you’re suffering from allergies of any kind, you no longer have to! Applied Resonance Therapy (ART) now offers a safe and highly effective way to eliminate allergies and environmental sensitivities.


Whether your allergies are mild or severe, and whether you suffer from seasonal allergies, food allergies, pet dander allergies, bee allergies, or allergies or environmental sensitivities of any kind, ART can eliminate them!


Allergies are a malfunctioning of the immune system in its interactions with substances from our environment. The immune system is over-reacting with abnormal strength to an environmental substance. It is identifying a substance as an enemy rather than just transitory debris. A healthy functioning immune system will not react to substances in this way.


Western medical treatment of allergies works by deactivating specific parts of the immune system. This method works to a certain point. For example, antihistamine medications block the receptors of histamines, the natural chemicals in the body that cause sneezing, itchy eyes, itchy nose, hives and even anaphylaxis. And while the use of antihistamines relieves allergy symptoms, the immune system’s abnormal over-reaction to a particular substance or set of substances is only dampened for a short period of time. As soon as the medication wears off, the immune system’s over-reaction continues and the symptoms return.


ART is based on the theory that all things have a unique vibrational, resonant signature, including people, animals, plants and mineral substances. The Chinese called this vibrational, resonant signature “Qi” (pronounced chee), a term commonly translated as energy or force. Allergies are an indication that our vibrational, resonant signature, or Qi, is not resonating in harmony with the vibrational, resonant signature emanating from something in our environment. Because of the disharmony between our Qi and the Qi of an environmental substance, stagnation is generated within our body system and thereby our immune system malfunctions.

Environmental substances such as pollen, dust or pet dander can create stagnation within us.  Substances we take internally such as foods, vitamins and minerals can also create stagnation.  The varying intensities of resonance of substances account for the varied symptoms, and for the strength of reactions individuals have to seemingly harmless substances.

The world is filled with substances that create allergic reactions in us.  It is not possible to change substances like dust, pollen or vitamin C to make them compatible with any one person's body.  The change must take place within a person's body. The body must be re-harmonized with the environmental substance with which it has fallen out of harmony.

ART is one way of producing that harmonic balance.

Lynn Abbott, the creator of this therapeutic method, identified 29 core substances that are responsible for the majority of allergies. Using kinesiology, the core substances with which you are no longer harmonious are identified. Then through a series of acupuncture treatments, stagnations are removed and you are brought back into harmony with those substances, whereby your body is more harmoniously balanced and thereby your allergies are eliminated.

If you’re suffering from allergies, consider trying ART. The benefits include clearing underlying stagnation impairing your health, attaining greater balance and harmonic resonance with the world around you, and ultimately the elimination of your allergies!

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