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Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement


It is our mission to provide New York City with the highest and most comprehensive level of patient-centered healthcare through the practice of acupuncture and East Asian medicine. We draw our knowledge and expertise from the concepts, theories and practices of both East Asian medical traditions and modern medical science. We strive to provide our patients with exceptional, personalized care that centers on inspiring and educating them to maintain a lifestyle that includes health practices and habits that promote balance, vitality and longevity. By working in concert with a multitude of various healthcare professionals we strive to provide our patients with an extensive network with whom they can find the highest standards of care, and gain access to information and knowledge necessary for living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. It is our hope that we can aid our patients in achieving their life goals and ultimately be happier, healthier and more fulfilled.


Vision Statement


Our vision is to transform the American healthcare system so that East Asian medicine is equally recognized, accepted and represented, and on equal standing with other medical systems so that our methods of medical practice may benefit the greatest number of people through the alleviation and prevention of illness, injury and disease. 

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