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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is a plant-based medicine and is a safe and highly effective method for treating a wide range of medical conditions, from acute conditions like respiratory infections and traumatic injuries to chronic diseases like auto-immune conditions, dermatological disorders, digestive disorders, gynecological disorders, male and female infertility, psycho-emotional disorders, and sleep disorders. Plant-based medicine is a powerful healing modality when administered by a skilled practitioner.

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The Importance of Quality Herbs


The quality of herbs that I prescribe to my patients is of the highest importance to me. I search out products made with high quality control and work primarily with an herbal pharmacy in New York City that regularly undergoes FDA inspections to ensure the safety and quality of their products.

Bespoke Plant-Based Medicine


Every patient has unique needs based on their age, weight and the current state of their health. I prescribe herbal formulations custom tailored for each of my patients to ensure they receive the prescription most appropriate for their individual needs that will provide them with the greatest therapeutic benefit.

Comprehensive, Sophisticated and Highly Organized

Chinese herbal medicine is arguably the most comprehensive, sophisticated and highly organized system of herbal medicine the world has seen. With roughly 13,000 medicinal substances and over 100,000 medicinal prescriptions, Chinese medicine herbal doctors are well equipped to effectively treat a wide range of diseases and medical conditions.


Practitioners use a sophisticated system of diagnosis to determine the root cause of a patient’s illness. This diagnosis then allows the practitioner to skillfully craft an herbal formulation, generally consisting of between 2 and 15 medicinal substances. Acute conditions may require only a few days of an herbal formula, while chronic conditions may require many months of consistent administration of herbal formulas that are carefully modified over time as the patient’s health improves.


Once the patient's health is stable, the herbal formulas are ceased and the patient may go years without recurrence of symptoms.

How It Works

1. A thorough health evaluation is conducted using sophisticated diagnostic tools to determine the root imbalances causing your illness.


2. Dr. Klemt crafts an herbal formulation of carefully selected herbs appropriate to your individual needs.


3. The herbal formulation is submitted to the herbal pharmacy. If appropriate, the pharmacy may pre-cook and vacuum pack the liquid herbal decoction for your convenience.


4. You may have the herbs shipped to you or you may pick them up from the pharmacy.


5. You will be guided in the proper daily dosages. Herbs are generally administered twice daily. Do not miss doses. Herbs only work if you take them. The consistent administration of herbs is extremely important and will ensure successful treatment and the greatest health benefits.

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